Making Every Factory a Smarter Factory

Eigen puts the power of big data to work improving the manufacturing process through real-time monitoring, analysis and optimization.

The Internet of Things is here.


Boost Productivity. Ensure Consistent Quality. Reduce Operating Costs.

The Team

Richard Jones
CEO- Chief Executive Officer
Richard Jones has twenty-nine years of diverse business experience in the energy, engineering, and information technology fields. He has worked in a wide variety of roles within large national organizations as well as holding CEO positions in innovative, entrepreneurial start-up organizations. Richard specializes in working with early stage technology start-ups and using Lean Start-up techniques to accelerate early stage start-ups from inception to achieving a profitable business model. Richard’s role with Eigen is a perfect fit for his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, building strong teams, and developing great organizations.
Scott Everett
CTO- Chief Technology Officer
As an industrially focused graduate researcher, Scott has worked at bringing state-of-the-art technology to the plant floor. He has contributed to six industrial-institutional research projects over the course of his graduate work specializing in advance process modelling, industrial control design and machine learning. He also brings engineering design and project management experience to the team.
Rickey Dubay
CSO- Chief Scientific Officer
Rickey joined the University of New Brunswick as an NSERC Associate Research Chair in Advanced Controls. He is presently a professor at UNB, working on several research initiatives in advanced controls and process modelling for a wide range of industrial applications. Rickey has dynamic experience in advanced controls directed towards injection moulding, robotics, and machine learning.
Justin McKillop
Business Development
Justin brings an extensive sales and marketing background to the team with experience working in sales for many companies in various industries, including retail and insurance. Justin graduated from St.Thomas University in Fredericton, NB, with a major in Sociology and minor in Psychology. He received distinction for academic and athletic performance.

Making Every Factory a Smarter Factory

We make every factory smarter by capturing real-time data from the factory floor, applying advanced analytics to it, and automatically improving operating processes. This boosts factory productivity and ensures consistent quality, all while reducing operating costs.

Our process begins with data. We acquire data from existing factory equipment or with cost-effective smart sensors. Our customizable solution uses OEM equipment such as thermal cameras to provide a data stream from the factory floor, one that gives managers and operators a new view of what’s happening in the manufacturing process. With our hybrid architecture, we capture and analyze this data, storing it locally or transmitting it to the Cloud.


We use Big Data analytics to identify the complex relationships that affect productivity and quality in each factory. In addition to data from equipment, we also capture the unique insights offered by operators on the factory floor. By using machine learning, our solution continually gets smarter as it acquires and analyzes data. This allows us to use analytics to create predictive models – anticipating and correcting potential problems before they become operating issues.


Understanding where the problems are and what causes them is helpful. But we don’t stop there. Our patented real-time optimization algorithm and predictive modeling gives you the power to automatically adjust equipment to maximize both productivity and quality. Eigen’s continuous analytics Software as a Service (SaaS) ensures 24/7 monitoring.

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