How Eigen Works


Benefits of Eigen

More Powerful Quality Inspection

  • Monitor high-speed and complex applications in real-time.
  • Inspect challenging and reflective surfaces.
  • Avoid shift-to-shift destructive testing.
  • Process digitized infrared data not visible to the naked eye.

Patented Hands-off Setup

  • Rapid implementation cycle through visual data exploration.
  • Continuously improves visual inspection accuracy of parts and process.
  • Continuously adapts to changes on the production line.
  • Accepts additional sensor data to achieve predictive defect avoidance.

Hassle-free Managed Solution

  • Tiny factory floor footprint with minimal workforce training requirements.
  • Compliance and traceability reporting for all inspections tracked by the system.
  • Continual service by Eigen team specialists.
  • Low upfront costs.