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Asset Monitoring for Utilities
Use Case

Utilities generally have large volume of physical assets that they need to constantly monitor. These assets are often spread out over large geographic areas making it difficult for utility employees to constantly monitor assets particularly in remote areas. There is a high cost to send inspectors to each location at the frequency required to ensure the safety and integrity of these assets. The need to monitor these assets is generally rooted in 2 main problems. Firstly, the utility needs to ensure that their assets are operating within normal ranges and that they can detect the early signs of when a particular asset may need to be replaced as part of the normal course of maintaining the grid. Secondly, and rather unfortunately, theft of copper and other such components is on the rise. This poses a danger to employees who need to work around these assets and is a costly drain on the utility.

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How do we change the definition of simple?

Simple shouldn't mean less intelligent; it should mean more intelligent. These days, everything is an interconnected sensor, from your smart phone and your computer, to your refrigerator and even your car. The challenge today is to get enormous amounts of complex data offered by these sensors and to transfer them into usable, simpler pockets of knowledge...

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