We see things differently

Eigen's Intellexon® platform is an industrial vision system that is different.

Intellexon® acquires and aggregates data from the factory floor and unlocks solutions specific to your application by using a thermal vision Deep Learning process. Leveraging the power of Intellexon® lets you tackle applications and automation that is out-of-reach of traditional industrial vision systems with an easy setup and light touch integration to the factory floor.

The Intellexon® Difference

Easy Integration

  • All-in-one hardware & software solution
  • Small footprint and light-touch integration to the plant floor
  • Easy to setup and configure, simple to use
  • Expandable and adaptable to tackle any application

Highly Intelligent

  • Thermal-first solution built to handle complex applications with high degree of accuracy
  • Optimized for high speed processing or dynamic environments
  • Connect to Intellexon® Deep Learning to upgrade with solutions unique to your application

Action Oriented

  • Designed to quickly define conditions and rules that drive action and automation
  • Plug directly in to equipment and PLC for input and output
  • Connects to multiple sensors and IO for more advanced workflow
  • Connect to the IoT for plant-wide automation