Intellexon® for Industrial Manufacturing

Adopting more process improvement, implementing complex technology, and investing in workforce training has been the traditional way to improve quality control and improve operation efficiency - all of which is expensive, disruptive, and difficult to sustain. However, advances in how factory floor data can be analyzed has created a new way to mitigate and remove barriers to process and productivity improvements for manufacturing.

Technology, Process, People

At Eigen, we work closely with customers taking an approach that complements the manufacturing process, leverages your workforce expertise, and gives you traceability and data-backed confidence without the pitfalls and barriers of traditional solutions.

How It Works

The Eigen solution captures video and sensor data from your manufacturing process and analyzes it with Eigen's advanced Intellexon® software.

Using a unique event-based learning process, the system lets operators identify and track events found by Intellexon® leading to faster implementation time and higher accuracy quality inspection.

Our patented approach continually adapts to changes within your manufacturing process, giving you real-time confidence and traceability that end-product always meets safety, performance, and quality standards.


Video and sensor data is analyzed to discover, qualify, and organize relevant information.


Event-based information is presented to factory floor workers for data driven decisions to optimize the manufacturing process.


Real-time analytics are updated to improve process control and quality monitoring on the factory floor.

See the Intellexon® Difference

Eigen Intellexon® was designed with flexibility in mind. It has proven applications in complex industrial environments such as:
  • Automotive
  • Food Processing
  • Construction Materials
  • Mining / Smelting
For more information on how Intellexon® can improve your operations, please contact an Eigen representative who would be happy to discuss your needs and provide a demo.